Client Friendly, Experienced, and Effective, are the terms that describe our law firm. We provide quality Intellectual Property Legal Services, e.g., patents, trademarks, unfair competition, licensing and copyrights at a reasonable cost.

We cater to those who not only want to consult in person at our office, but to those who find it more convenient to tele-consult by phone, Skype and/or e-mail.

We obtain patents on your invention (in the U.S. and Worldwide), and we counsel you on the use of your invention in your business or selling or licensing your rights. We can give you expert guidance in most technologies, i.e., mechanical, chemical, biotech, business methods.

We help you brand your product or service, through the selection of trademarks, protecting them and enforcing your branding rights.

We assist you in your agreements with your business partners and in traversing the numerous legal minefields in order to avoid expensive litigation. If litigation is unavoidable, we attempt to effectively and economically resolve such dispute while enforcing and protecting your Intellectual Property Rights.

Our offices are located in Suffern NY. We have years of experience serving clients in areas like Spring Valley, Monticello, & Nyack and clients throughout the United States.